Positive reinforcement training, reward-based training,science-based training, without the use of force, likely employs the same method throughout the training. In this trainingmethod, when your dog responds to your requests or follows your commands, rewards are given to the dogs.Therefore, dogs can repeat the same instructions or commands,and by consistently repeating, your dog easily recognizes andperceives your instructions or commands.In this method, rewards are always used to train your dog, helpingto change or eliminate your dog's undesirable behaviors and can also contribute to creating positive reinforcement behavior.Positive dog training uses rewards to introduce commands to yourdog. Treats, praises, toys, and engaging in the dog's favorite playare used as rewards.It helps your dog learn basic commands or remove undesirable behaviors from your dog. Definitions of behavior change areconsidered during positive dog training. You never have to worry about how to train your petlet the training manual guide guide you easilyAnd follow the instructions by repeating them exactly!

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