About Me My love for dogs led me to work in a pet shop when I was just 13years old; In the summer of 1997, I started working in apet shop in Istanbul. During this period, my relationship with dogs became so indispensable that my life was shaped in this direction. I started this business as a hobby and continued it for three years during the school period. With the experiences I gained here and the seminars I attended, my interest in dog psychology and the direction of its behavior gradually became the center of my life. During this period, I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Hakan Göktürk, who is an expert in working dogs and has been trained in Canada. I received military training on the training of branch dogs for a year in approximately 100 acres of land in Yeşilvadi Village of Şile. In this intensive training process.

*Explosive detection training (detector dog), *Search and rescue training, *Training of narcotics, dogs I specialize in their fields. After completing my education, I worked as a professional trainer at Holiday in Kennel Club (Ayaza, Istanbul) for one year. After my military service, starting from 2005, I carried out the training and/or rehabilitation of approximately 1250 dogs in different fields (toilet training for young dogs, basic and advanced obedience training, personal protection, area protection, patrol dog training).Between 2012-2013, in addition to special trainings, I undertook the rehabilitation of stray animals with great pleasure at the Bakırköy Municipality Veterinary Chief Stray Animals Temporary Shelter. In addition, I gave seminars in various schools and organizations and participated as a speaker. And today, with my passion for dogs and my work, I am very happy to be able to support at least some of the animals who approach life with unconditional love to live in a parallel context with us humans.

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